Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Incredible India!

Hey peeps...

So it's been approximately 3 weeks since I've been back from India.
Specifically, I went to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
I went with 4 other friends and honestly had such a great experience there...
It's definitely something different from life in Malaysia.
The one point I'll always remember about the whole experience and keep on reiterating is the fact that, we, as Malaysians are born into such a wonderful country.
We are so blessed to have the life we have.
The diversity we enjoy as well as the culture. No kidding...=P

Stay tuned. I'll be back to explain more about the wonders found there.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Beautiful Song to Share...

This is such a beautiful song that it was a must to share. An added surprise that it was a cover by Owl City.

A person's faith is a relationship between this one person and Jesus. It doesn't mean we're a better Christian just because we tell the whole world we believe. What I feel matters most is the acceptance and the gratefulness we feel that Christ is with us, through thick and thin. That He really makes the world a better place, through those small miracles He passes on to us along the way...Count our blessings in everything we do. Enjoy!! =)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Day

Okay, so V-day this year went with a twist. As mentioned, it was finals week so there was no celebration. Why you ask? It can't be that you have exams on V-day? Well, mine wasn't exactly on V-day but on the 15th. A clinical exam and a viva voce. Phew! I had this loaf of bread which is made of chocolate sponge cake and a pandan bread centre. It took quite some time, bites and chews to get to this piece. And when I saw it, the lightbulb 'tinged!!'. Instant pressie for the boyfie. Haha that is actually so lame even I think it's lame! That was my Valentines...
Wine, anyone? A wonderful environment, good service and good cheese makes me so excited. Ask tiger. He'll tell you that I talked non-stop for 2 days about cheese, the kind of cheese I like, the flavour, the texture, the smell, or lack of it...All the time, he nodded and listened. Hahahah! He's been awesome in dealing with my tempers that it even amazes me! I had a great time T, thank you! <3
But most importantly, Valentines Day isn't just about spending time and money on your other half but to think about all those people who have loved you and for you to love them back too! In llife, I feel I've been blessed to have met so many wonderful people who have given me chances and who've loved me.
Another being not to be forgotten who has given so much, who has loved me, shown me wonderful things in life, and taught me that miracles do happen: Jesus! Seriously, he is wonderful. Miracles don't only mean big things, but they actually mean the little things that work out in your favour, that make a turbulent heart filled with problems calm. For he really listens...=)

CNY continued

So as I've mentioned before, I was waiting for Beth to finish uploading the pictures she took from CNY but unfortunately, it is now nearing the end of February and still the pics aren't ready. Anyway, I'll just blog with what I have.

The start of the journey. My family usually spends CNY at my paternal grandparents place which iis in Bintulu. This year, we had Sock accompany us.... Poor fella got thrown around when someone was asleep...haha

And this here is Spice. The dear girl was so sad that we we're leaving her to deal with the firecrackers alone she could barely watch us leave...This darling has some skin problem near her eyes. However, a visit to the vet assured us that her skin was beautiful. We've got creams and all for her eye but once she see's the 'white container' she starts grr-ing. Anything which spells 'M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E' means trouble to her. Anyway, this is another story for another day.
One of the few stops we made on the way. A small town called Lachau. Had breakfast. It was so packed with people this year that it reminded me of food courts in KL whereby people stared at you eating in hopes that you'll eat faster and give them your seats...=)
And we finally made it to Bintulu just in time for dinner. Exhausted is the word.
That little boy and girl are our cousins. The girl's so quiet....Hehe mummy says I look like a HK actress...LOL!!! Hahah just for laughs la...=P
So then CNY passed really fast. Dad was pretty busy and he wasn't feeling too well but it ended well. Back in Kuching, there was lots of eating involved ie. Chocolate Hazelnut eclairs, 3 layer roasted pork, ka-chang ma, my favourite brocolli with crabmeat and egg white sauce and lots lots more. It's definitely impossible to list them all down.
I'd love to brag more about them, but what are words without pictures eyh? So, hopefully I'll get them soon...Beth!! and then I'll brag about them. Hahah excuse the use of the word brag. But I just love food from home and I can talk about it for hours and hours....=D
Came back to KL and I actually felt pretty down. Finals began with the Written paper. The worst thing happened...I got sick!! Could barely stop blowing my nose that the skin peeled quite horribly...
Next up, the biggest money making occasion in February...=)

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Love

Talk about new love!

I recently got this gorgeous gift and am loving it to the max!

It's not a full bracelet but yea, that's the fun in it. That's why they call it a charm bracelet. So that every little charm hanging on that bracelet has a meaning or brings back memories. Man, I've been thinking about getting this bracelet for ages!!

Chinese New Year has been a whirlwind of activity for me. I was only back home for 10 days and half was spent at my grandparents place. As such, once I was back home, it was one activity after another. There was definitely alot, and I mean ALOT of food involved in those few days. We took some pics but am still waiting for Beth to 'slowly' upload them. Beeettttttthhhhhhhhh!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012


2nd Post!

Chinese New Year is this weekend and I'm in the midst of packing my suitcase to fit a whole load of stuff which I'm not sure I'll use as well as stuff for the family back home. I can't wait to touch down in Kuching International Airport (KIA). In fact, once I board the plane in KL, it'll feel like I'm home already.

I've been awake since 7am this morning and I have butterflies in my stomach. It comes from having something exciting to look forward too ie. going home. Of course, there's the fact that NIO has some visitors today; name those from MQA the Malaysian Qualification Agency. This is their last visit before granting the university full accreditation. It's a nerve-wracking moment for all. Honestly, the university has come quite a way to reach this day. It's relatively new and as with any new university, there will be a couple of hiccups. I believe with time, it will improve and be able to deliver on all fronts excellently. Yes, this sounds so positive but hey, that's what I feel.

As I'm typing here, the sky which was just moments ago bright and sunny has become quite gloomy. I really hope it wouldn't rain cause it will so so so difficult to get to the airport. That with the suitcase and all. Wet is not an option! It seems like it always rains when I'm about to head home and I need the clear weather to walk. =(

Wish me luck!
Happy Chinese New Year!
I'm a dragon so it'll be my year!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Mojo


It's been what? Six months since I last blogged. So I've just been having a good day and I suddenly felt the urge to come back here and restart. It's now 2012 and it's been a wonderful end of year for me.

Let's see?
1. I've finally made a trip up to Penang on my own (Which is a VERY big deal for me, don't laugh!!) to visit Claire who stays in a real hostel. My first experience ever. Haha

2. A group trip to A-Famosa for 2 days and 1 night. We went to the Water World and it was 'Woah!! I can't describe it in words...' Haha I braved the whole thing and sat on every ride open there. Including the 7-storey slide thingy. It felt so out of this world (and not in a good way, mind you) because as you begin the turn which is at about 110 degree angle, I actually felt like my body was lifted off the slide. Talk about scary man.

3. Hazel and I baked Gingerbread Cookies and dressed them up for Christmas. Since it's so hot in Malaysia, most of them were in bikini's.

4. Christmas was celebrated in KL. Mum and my sisters came all the way here since I didn't apply any leave to go back home. The trip would have been flawless other than a few taxi mishaps if not for a horrible incident involving 2 thiefs... Total boo!

5. And then we enter 2012

The year started off simple and quiet. However, it has improved and I feel so blessed to say that miracles do exist. No words can describe how wonderful.

Then it was a hectic few weeks cause since CNY break is nearing, everyone was rushing to complete their reports and files. Let me tell you, I have not written so much, non-stop for at least quite a few months. It's nearing its end with only a few loose strings to tie and that is definitely a relief to me.

Before I sign off, let me just tell you about the importance of always having some make-up on. Imagine one day, you woke up and decided 'OK, it's lazy day today' thus deciding not to use any make-up. Your skin is pale, your eyebags weigh a tonne, and your eye brows are as naked as a baby's butt! (Okay, I admit, my eyebrows are pale) =( Then halfway through the day, somethings happens and requires that you at least need those basic make-up but alas, you've no time to fix anything. Man, imagine the picture!!! Imagine the picture!!! It's bad enough for me with the jaw, but naked eyebrows?? Hahaha so always be prepared even though you're lazy! (P/s: that's a note to myself...=P)

So that's a little update. I won't promise anything, but needless to say, I'll try to be back!

My heart's singing a happy tune...xoxo

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Little bit of Everything

Hola! It's a spur of the moment thing since the procrastinating mode is back so blogging is back...Hehe how's everyone? So this post is a brief of what's been going on in life the past few month's that I've dissapeared.

First, it was an awesome get-together with a few Teresians when Mildred came back to Malaysia. Had a huge meal at Chili's and then hogged a table at Little Taiwan for can't remember how many hours. In the past, some people have mentioned that Mildred and I look alike. Well, this pic shows just the opposite =) It was really nice meeting everyone and chatting...

And then, there was a weekend trip to Malacca. Another food-filled adventure! From the moment we stepped into Malacca, it was eat, eat and eat. We had Nyonya food (hmm, they're otak-otak is way better than Muar's. No offence to Muar otak otak lover's of course. Just that i prefer the flavours of the herbs and spices infused in to the Nyonya otak otak which of course is due to the fact that I grew up eating Nyonya otak otak cause that's where my mom got the recipe from, though we're not Nyonya or Baba descendents.) Phew, that was really long. But anyway, back to the food. Then it was of to Nadeje's for their famous Mille Crepe or simply known as thousand layer cake. It was so packed, we had to take-away or tapau and enjoy it Makhota Parade's foodcourt. Then it was on to Capitol Satay for satay celup. It's actually food on sticks which you dip into a peanut and spice sauce. To me, it felt like the sauce lacked a certain depth (too much spices, too little salt) but of course, that's my opinion. You're entitled to yours...=) Moving on, we entered Jonker Street filled with little snacks and trinkets and all sorts of cafe's lining the street.

Come morning, we had Bak Kut Teh which I loved due to the flavourful-ness of the broth. It's not easy to find one which isn't alang-alang which means neither here nor there. Hehe we also had nyonya and baba laksa (yes, it's 2 different kinds) and the ever-famous chicken rice balls. Oo, not forgetting portugese egg tarts. Aside from food, we had some time to squeeze in sight-seeing of the famous red church and the tree under which Parameswara first rested. Awesome, no?

I love this pic, cause there's optical illusion. Haha I seem to be leaner and longer in this picture so that's why it's here. Haha

Lining up to eat satay celup at the oldest, most famous, no sibling or relative satay celup.

So moving from eating, we went to watch the F1 Grand Prix at Sepang. It was an experience to remember. Our ticket's were only RM33 as we got the early bird tickets.

So yes, you're wondering, like 'Cheh, it's grass seats and not proper seating.' But hey, it adds on to the fun you know?

Next up was the Blind Leading the Blind Walk. It was held on a Sunday which thankfully I woke up on time. As usual, it's organized by the Lions Club Petaling Jaya. Walked around blind-folded with a partner to guide you. It's crazy scary when you can't depend on your eyes for direction. Which explains why it's harder for people who go blind due to accidents or infections after having had vision previously compared to those who were born blind. You tend to adapt more easily.

And then came the 'tai ko's' birthday. Hehe 22 this year. That cake gave me cold feet =P Now, it's a fast from cake for an undefined period of time for both Ru Shan and Chak. Hehe

Recently, we had a trip to Zoo Negara. And my lousy unco-operative Nokia Maps led us on a merry go-round. Ended up using so many different routes but finally we found the way there...Luckily. It was fun there though...I love animals but I feel sad cause there seemed to be a short supply of water for the animals as some cages had no water pond on anything. Well, not that I saw. Ooo, they have penguins. They're so cute...Hehehe sakai, I know. What to do.

So, the beautiful pictures with such high quality are all credits of the photographer, Chak. Some how pictures from a good camera always turn out good.

Anyway, that's pretty much the gist of what's been happening recently. So now for the bad news, I fell down. Uber horrid! Will show you the pic in the next post. Don't worry. I ain't running away. I'll definitely be back since there's lot's of things to do meaning procrastination....XD

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Claire in KL

So so so...I'm back once again. I know I'm inconsistent but hear me out. It's been one assignment after another these few weeks including our 1st assessment which counts for 20% of our grades. Moreover, there's also preparation for our research proposal which is not easy. If you know literature review, you'll totally understand how stressful it can get. Anyway, the title of this post is gonna be about Claire's trip to KL but at then end, i'll get abit nerdy and talk about some tests and instruments we use in our optometry clinic at NIO =)

Claire arrived Friday morning, bright and early. But I was still stressing about Contact Lens 2 paper which was to start at 9am. She arrived at the condo approximately 12 smtg pm with luggage, foldable mattress and Adam. Hehe So being me, I was so excited the night before Claire arrived, I decided to cook for Friday lunch. And this is the end product.

It was a drizzly, rainy Friday but we decided not to waste any time and head out to the shopping malls. Friday was to KLCC and Pavillion. By the way, Friday was also the day the earthquake-tsunami hit Japan. Sad, sad thing. I heard about it from a little birdie around 5pm. No wonder it's raining. It some how clicks in my head for whatever weird reason. Earthquake-tsunami = Rain everywhere. Haha lame lame....

So after walking round and round and buying a thing or 2, "ps. Adam had a spree in Isetan XD" the next most important question was what to have for dinner. We decided to have Korean food at Amcorp Mall. I miss their Kimchi Jiggae since I haven't had it this semester. So from Pavillion in the heart of KL, we 'raced' back to Amcorp Mall in PJ just for dinner. I wasn't sure what time they were closing assuming it to be 9pm since Amcorp Mall is so old and stuff. But behold, they only close at 10pm. We had an awesome dinner. Some how, their flavours just suit me.

Day 2 I had class till 1pm. Not only that, it was Law. Anyway, we decided to stick around the area and hang around at Mid Valley and Gardens. Bought another thing or 2 here. Ahhh, so nice to shop. Haven't done that in a while. Heheh...

So an amazing thing happened was we were walking towards Gardens. You know that lifestyle cafe named Garden? Yea, we were walking when Adam mentioned something was going on. I looked over and saw some people standing about the piano in the 'bird cage' with a girl playing the piano. I thought, hmm, just some famous local artiste i guess. I wasn't though. It was a marriage proposal. Not to the girl playing the piano but some one else. They were standing next to the piano. The guy was on bended knee and everything. Traditional.

For dinner, we wanted to go to Tomy Roma's but the waiting list was 20 minutes long. So we decided to go to TGIF. Haha this time I'm smarter. Ordered to share. One pasta and one sirloin steak and buffalo wings to share. Still very filling though...=P *Cat grin*

Anyone would be able to guess what we were doing. Went home with a bottle of hair dye for Claire. Light copper brown this time. I was faster this time and by the end of this session, I think anyone can employ me to make Times Burger, ie. I mean to squeeze the mayonnaise, chilli sauce or maybe at the waffle stall to squeeze chocolate sauce. Total expert talking here man.....Hahahahaha

Day 3 we went to Cheras and Puchong. We had lunch at this place in Cheras along Jalan Shelly. Chicken Rice.....=D But everyone here speaks Cantonese and 3 of us tidak cakap Canto. Mandarin pun cacat. Then the aunty working here very garang. Hahaha but very funny. There were 2 guys sitting behind us and they kept laughing. Super paiseh....=/

So this so called drink is sugar cane. But it's actually a mixture of some chinese tea thing and don't know what else. But it's quite nice cold though. Hahaha the lady was actually asking between 2 drinks which we wanted. And 'someone' went, ah okay 3. Hahaha the lady stared at us like we came from Mars!!

Char siu. This char siu is quite good. It really has some barbeque taste and the skin is kinda crispy which is not the norm for Kuching char siu. Hehe

And then off to IOI Mall in Puchong. We walked around, found nothing interesting and decided to have tea. Again at TGIF. With brownie obsession and chocolate mouse. Sugar overload.....

So come Monday, I was able to get both Claire and Adam to come and be my patients for the our practice clinic. Boy, was I nervous!! That's the examination form which is 4 pages long and we have to fill in everything. The black box is where we store our retinoscopes and ophthalmoscopes. Mine is from Keeler. Everyone who studies at NIO needs to get their own set.

Here, we're at the slit lamp. Hazel examined Claire, and she found that Claire had some fast pursuit eye movements in the right eye. It was amplified on the slit lamp which is actually like a microscope but instead of observing bacteria, we observe the eye ie. lashes, lid, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, lens and other stuff.

This is me doing a corneal sensitivity test. It is done to test if the cornea is numb from a drop of alcaine instilled to the eye. We usually do this before doing the tonometry examination which measures intraocular pressure (IOP). Meaning right....we measure the pressure of the eye using some tiny instrument. Claire and Adam both became my patients. Hehe

So, all done with the 2 hour long procedure. Tired from such a long examination, I guess...=P Or just woke up too early...Hehe

And here I am all stressed out and trying to smile...Hahaha

That was the end of Claire's trip to KL. It was so much fun having her around. I miss being at home with the family....But studies are calling...Now I gotta go back to typing out references for my research proposal and start with presentation slides....


Sunday, March 6, 2011

International Conference on Low Vision, 2011

It was just 2 weeks into classes that we were informed that we'd be involved in the Conference for Low Vision. It was held from the 20th-24th February 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Our seniors had the opportunity to take part as delegates. We were to be volunteers. Sure, in the beginning we all felt sluggish at the mere mention of work and volunteering. But I think in the end, everyone felt that it was a good experience and we really did get to mingle around with each other. My account here will be more of a behind the scenes take on the conference =) This is the first time the conference is held in KL let alone in Asia. There were altogether 500+ people involved from over 50 countries.

Aren't the twin towers beautiful? I'll always remember coming back to KL in a flight from Kuching, the clear night sky. It was beautiful because I had a chance to see the twin towers from up in the sky as the plane was getting ready to land at KLIA. It's like a sky so clear that you can see the stars.

Most of the conference was carried out on the 3rd floor. The place is big and walking from one end to the other, well, your feet will be sore at the end of the day. Tea is usually served in this foyer and boy can I tell you, tea is the best meal of the day at this conference. It's simple and yet, delicious! Hehe

This is the programme book. It was like the 'bible' for everyone. Anything, just refer to this book. Even delegates were poring over the pages trying to decide which free paper sessions, plenaries and symposiums to attend which would best benefit them.

Ahh, here we are at the beginning. It was the day before registration and we as volunteers were there to help prepare the 'goody bag'. The bags were sponsored by Alcon and we filled it with goodies like a detailed map of KL city, badges, pamphlets, a writing pad, invitations, etc etc.

This wasn't a very nice picture not because of the picture itself but more of where we were and doing what. We ended up continuing our work in the walkway like a factory line while on the other side of the building, a convocation ceremony was being held. It didn't paint the right image.

This was the conference hall where the exhibition and posters were placed. It's usually filled during tea time.

A few pictures of us volunteers having tea =P

This was outside the Speaker Ready Room, Room 307. It's a day long job of making sure all the speakers sent in their powerpoint presentation as well as to make sure they're there on time before any session starts.

In the secretariat. Floaters as they are called have to remain in the secretariat in case they're needed for any job or things like that. To pass time, no they weren't busy studying or anything, it was B-I-N-G-O. Hey Prakash, I know your combination! Hehe

We were then invited to attend the Gala Dinner which was held on day 2 of the conference. So instead of wearing our yellow uniform t-shirts, we decided to change.

Before the dinner, there was a Cultural Extravaganza whereby there were tradisional arts and crafts stalls set up for the delegates brave enough to have a go at them. There was basket weaving, wood carving, songket making, as well as the Royal Selangor Pewter. Guess what, Royal Selangor had the noisiest stall. Hehe

A group of us before the dinner. All dressed up!

This was a group picture of those who managed to rush in with our Dean, Dr Dato' Veera Ramani, Head of Department, Dr Ananth as well as one of our lecturers, Dr Chris.

And what is a post without at least a picture or 2 of the food. I can't quite decide what sort of dinner it was. More like fusion? Your guess is as good as mine. This was the starter. Which was good.

And the main course was more like a Malay-style dining experience. However, the food was a mixture of chinese and malay. Hmm, what say you? ^^

On the final day, everyone was busy packing and taking pictures. And of course receiving some 'ka-ching'. Hehe

Is this kangaroo not cute?? I thought it was uber-cute. And it's just the right size and firmness to hug. Hehe the next conference will be held in Melbourne Australia in 2014.

So that's pretty much it. It was seriously exhausting but in the end, it was great cause we had fun working between juniors and seniors. Yea well, every working team as its' grumblings, rantings and what not, but that's what makes us a team.